Little Lessons from the Book of Mormon: What are your Desires?

I am currently reading in Alma chapter 29.

I really am liking Alma chapters 27-29 right now. It’s talking about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and their journeys.  Here are some of my little lessons I’m learning:

  • Your desires will decide whether you have eternal happiness or not. (v.4-5)
  • Glory in what the Lord has commanded you to do. He counsels in wisdom and truth. (v.8-9)
  • I love that when Alma wanted to save just at least one person the thought brought him joy. (v.9)
  • Strive to be an instrument in God’s hands. (v.9)
  • Remember what the Lord has blessed you with and done for you. (v.10-11)
  • The rewards of working hard and serving the Lord will be incredible. (v.15)
  • The gospel and work of the Lord can make you oh so joyful. (v.16)

Help others along their great journey.




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