My Unexcused Absence + My Blog’s Upcoming Facelift

My blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and I NEED your help. Please comment ideas, feedback, and tips! This is not only for me but YOU too so….. please help a fellow blogger out.

I am SO SO SO sorry I've been gone for almost 3 weeks. Thank you for still reading and supporting me!!!!! It means a ton!!

During this absence I realized that I have made everything entirely too complicated on my blog. Too many series and posts I never keep up with that leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed. I created this blog so I could help, inspire, and share but I can't do that when I'm trying to do everything else. My posts begin to lack quality and that's not good!! I'm getting back to the basics so that I can provide quality posts for you! Unfortunately I am removing these things from my blog:

  • Featured Favorites series
  • Get to Know…. series
  • Hair category
  • DIY category (I will still post once in awhile)
  • Baking (I will still post once in awhile)

These are great ideas but I don't have the time. I want to be able to give my readers (you guys😉) best quality posts more often so these have to go! I'm sad about baking and DIY but I haven't been doing them on a regular basis anyways. I will still post on them once in awhile when I have the time… My blog was created so I can inspire!! And it's hard when I feel overwhelmed 😦 I will feel better knowing I can focus on what's truly important.

New color scheme for my blog:

I would like to update the color scheme for my blog so I want to let my readers know. The picture below is my header image for my blog. I wanted to keep this image so I logged into Adobe Color and made it pull out colors from this picture. The yellow comes from a teenie, tiny light. 

I love it because even when the day seems gloomy, there is ALWAYS something to be happy about. I will be changing featured images on posts, themes, and many more. Please stay with me as I work out all the kinks. Because this blog is undergoing a facelift, I can't promise more posts all the time, but I will do my best to get ahead of schedule.

I would love your help!! Please comment below your thoughts. You all are such great people and I value your opinions!



Have an idea? Comment Below!

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