Summer Bucket List

I need help from you!! I want to know your input on some blog posts. Please comment below what posts you want to see. I will take everything into consideration. This blog couldn’t be a blog without my readers!!!!

Hey guys! This summer I have a summer bucket list where I will do my best to complete the following: (please know that I have a few ideas about what might happen over the summer but they aren’t set in stone. I may not be able to complete everything on the list.) I will post every time I complete one of these things. I also will add more when I think of some more.

  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.
  • Go to a Quincenera.
  • Take a few hikes.
  • Travel to a beach.
  • Post more posts!
  • Create an excersize plan.
  • Develop a new skill.
  • Do 2 DIY projects every month.
  • Get in shape with an excersize plan
  • Go to a thrift store and make something cool out of what I buy.
  • Go to a music camp.
  • Swim!!!!

Help others along their great journey.




Have an idea? Comment Below!

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