#OOTW May 7-14

Happy Mother’s Day! Outfits from this last week.

Monday- I love flannels and I was too lazy to find anything else to wear. (My friend took the pic right when I was laughing! I look super funny!)

Tuesday- this was one of my super lazy days. My outfit wasn’t that cute.. it’s leggings and a sweatshirt over it.

Wednesday- I wore a maxi dress with my cute wedges I got from Show Carnival. I FOUND A NEW HAIR TRICK and I can’t wait to share it with y’all so stay tuned!!

Thursday- I didn’t have a marvel Monday so I had to make up for it! I’m wear my Marvel shirt paired with the flannel I wore Monday and my new favorite shorts from TJMaxx. And of course, my Captain America socks!!!

Friday- again super lazy day (see the trend here?!) I was too exhausted to care. I wore a panthers shirt (school mascot) and some leggings.

Thank you! Stay tuned because this new hair trick is absolutely amazing!!

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