Little Lessons from the New Testament: A Little More Faith

I am currently reading in Hebrews chapter 11. 

I think I’m going to continue doing “Little lessons from…(the scriptures).” I’ve really enjoyed sharing what I’m learning from reading the scriptures. Let me know in the comments below if you agree. 

While reading Hebrews chapter 11, I noticed all of the unique examples of faith. Whether it be Abraham and his son, Sara and her only child, or Noah and the ark. These people had an astonishing amount of faith. They were beat, stoned, bound, marked, tempted, and killed but yet they proceeded with faith. I don’t know many people who can walk into a spiritual or physical storm and just be at peace and okay with it. I am certainly not one of those people and reading about these examples showed me that I could use a little more faith. I could put a little more faith in Heavenly Father and know that he knows my best interest. I could put a little more faith in the atonement and know that it will work. I can put a little more faith in my family. And I can put a little more faith in myself.

If I have a little more faith, I have the power to shut Satan and his doubts up

If I have a little more faith, I can deal with trials, opposition, and sufferings.

If I have a little more faith, the gospel will be a bigger deal to me.

If I have a little more faith, I will be closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

If I have a little more faith, my testimony will grow stronger.

If I have a little more faith, I will be able to “subdue kingdoms, work righteousness, obtain promises, and stop the mouths of lions.” (Present tense added-Hebrews 11:33)

If I have a little more faith, I can “quench the violence of fire, escape the edge of the sword, out of weakness made strong, and wax valiant in fight.” (Present tense added-Hebrews 11:34)

If I have a little more faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ they will have a little more faith in me.

But how can I build a little more faith every day?

Elder Neil L. Anderson during the talk, Faith is Not By Chance, but by Choice (fabulous talk definitely read it!) explains, 

“How we live our lives increases or diminishes our faith. Prayer, obedience, honesty, purity of thought and deed, and unselfishness increase faith. Without these, faith diminishes.”

He goes on to say:

“Faith never demands an answer to every question but seeks the assurance and courage to move forward, sometimes acknowledging, ‘I don’t know everything, but I do know enough to continue on the path of discipleship.'”

(Image from

In order to have a little bit of faith we need to read the scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, love others, and follow Christ.

Help others along their great journey.




  1. I know it takes heart and courage to share your thoughts. I needed to read these words today. It was my turn to teach the young women at church today. Every time I do that, I recognize even more that I am a writer and not a speaker. It is hard to organize my thoughts verbally, and after teaching a lesson, I tend to come away feeling like I should have done better. Your words reminded me that I need to exercise a little more faith in Heavenly Father’s ability to carry an important message to the hearts of those who are listening. Thank you for shining a light and helping me see.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting it means a great deal. That makes me so happy that these words helped you. I think of Moses and the great example of faith he had. He wasn’t a great speaker, but the Lord provided Aaron. Heavenly Father knows us and it’s neat to know the spirit can help compensate for our weaknesses to help others. Thank you again for your kind words!

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