Here are my outfits from some of last week and the rest of this week!

April 26 (Wednesday)- I love my Hogwarts shirt! I wanted this to be a comfy day, so I paired it with my favorite leggings.

April 28 (Friday)- I had a marvel superhero infinity scarf, a plain gray T-shirt, my favorite jeans from Maurices, and my converse.

April 29 (Saturday)- we went to California on Saturday, so I wore shorts (for the first time at all this year!) and just a cute, light T-shirt. It was so hot outside! I certainly didn’t forget Captain America socks or my tennis shoes so that my feet would not hurt while at the theme park.

May 2nd (Tuesday)- Unfortunately, it was not as hot in Montana so I wore jeans with a plain white T-shirt and a flannel to provide some color.

May 4 (Thursday)- Grr! I apologize for the lighting being so bad, I wore my marvel shirt and socks with some cute jean shorts because guess what! It was 80° in Montana…..whhaatt?!!

May 5 (Friday)- As you can see, I clearly just slept in my hair from yesterday (I am so lazy). I wore a plain colored shirt with some cute jeans I scored at TJ Maxx. They’re the perfect length and they are destroyed, which is the style I’m really into right now.

May 6 (Saturday)- This was at state choir. Ahhhhhh!! I was so excited and so grateful for the opportunity to go to state for choir. I wore jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt to look a little classy while waiting for my event. I had 1 other outfit that you will get a glimpse of in the next picture. I’m posing with one of my favorite choir nerds. (More on state soon!)

May 6 (Friday)- I know this picture is a little on the blurry side but you can see my outfit and I had to take a picture before we went and performed. I got this perfect pencil skirt at Ross for 8$ (what a steal!) and just paired it with one of my colored T-shirts. This is what I wore for ourperformance and you can kind of the other outfits my friends wore.

That’s it! I apologize for the random dates it has been very busy so I put together what I had. I promise I’ll do better this week! 

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