Little Lessons From the Book of Mormon: Tips From Aaron’s Brave Example

Hello 🙂 Last night I was reading Alma 21 through 22. I was quite impressed the way Aaron, Ammon’s brother handled things. I learned so much about learning in addition to being an effective missionary and/or teacher. I want to share with you my thoughts and knowledge I recently have gathered.

When Teaching:

  • Use your scriptures. When Aaron was confronted with difficult questions and faith wavering situations, he immediately turned to the scriptures. It is a testimony to me that the scriptures aren’t just to read.
  • When you fall down, get back up. Aaron was put in prison for what he believed in. Once he got out, Aaron began to teach the people again. Don’t let opposition get in your way of teaching and loving your fellowmen.
  • Find common ground. Are you trying to love and understand someone who has a different faith or has recently gone through a tough trial? Find something your both have in common and work from their. Aaron does this great when he asks the king if he believes in God.
  • Share experiences from your life. Be a real human beings, it’s what we all connect to. Don’t be fake and share your trials.
  • Be brave. Talk to people and be eager to help or give. Pray for guidance.
  • Be influenced by the Holy Spirit. If Aaron didn’t listen to the Holy Ghost, King Lamoni’s father would not have learned of the truth. Act on a prompting immediately.
  • Listen to their concerns. It’s important to know what their struggling with so you can learn how to help them. Consult the Lord and the scriptures.

When learning:

  • Ask questions. This is crucial to understanding what you believe and learning new material. Don’t be afraid to ask them but, don’t let them control your doubt or your actions.
  • Have faith and trust. Know that Heavenly Father will help you through everything. Bow down in mighty prayer.
  • Stand up for what you believe. Don’t let others knock what you know down. Stand up, respectfully but boldly, for yourself and your knowledge. King Lamoni’s father was a perfect example when his wife was speaking against what he knew was right.
  • Be open to new information. Be a bit of a critique but don’t be too overpowering. Let the information settle and pray about it.

Help others along their great journey.




    1. Thank you! I’m learning a lot from one or two chapters in the Bible and Book of Mormon. Thank you taking the time to read 🙂 I appreciate it!

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