Tumblr Room in 10 Minutes DIY

Hey guys! How are ya? **Full disclaimer** This took me more than ten minutes but, it is such an easy DIY it probably could take you ten minutes. The title rolled off the tounge perfectly… I just couldn’t leave it be.****

 I just redid a part of my room to make it look more tumblr-y and it cost me ….. $0 !! I will provide picture, tips, and supplies. The pictures aren’t that fab because this all happened over a time lapse and I just decided to screenshot during key points of the DIY.




  •  Lanterns (or some kind of string lights)
  • Scarves or a Tapestry
  • Push pins
  • Throw blankets 
  • Throw pillows
  • Optional: beanbag
  • Vase 
  • Flowers


    1. Move your beanbag out of the way. Start attaching your string lights to your wall. I used two different kinds of lights, one flower and the other lanterns. I think the variety is much cuter.

     2. Take scarves or tapestry and pin across ceiling or wall. Here are some other design ideas on Pinterest. Again, I like the varieties of textures and patterns.

    3. Move the beanbag over. I placed a stool on the other side of the beanbag. This is where I put my flowers and “vase.” I used an old cowboy boot for my vase and stuck some fake flowers in it.

   4. I then added this huge clothespin with some inspirational quotes. 

The finished project:

Help others along their great journey.



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