March Photo Challenge Days 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, & 30

How was your weekend? Mine was really refreshing and nice! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for getting me to 200 likes!!! How awesome! I’m glad y’all are enjoying what I post. I love feedback it helps a ton. I apologize for not writing soon enough. This has been a crazy week!


Day 24- something random. I went to a youth church activity and I know the lighting is bad, but we had so much fun! Here is my friend and I being random:)

Day 25- my favorite color. Hmmmm that’s really difficult. I love blues, and yellows. I took a picture of the sunset 🙂

Day 26-a building shot. From our school, we have a flag and it was beautiful outside so I took a picture of it!

Day 27-any kind of texture. I love this shirt! My texture is my super soft flannel from rue 21.

Day 28-black and white. Here is a photo of my best friend, Madi and I.

Day 29-something in motion.​ This was hard, but I used a photo way back when in New York where everything was moving.

Day 30- a fun pattern. One of my amazing friends went to Arizona to the baseball stadium!! 

Thank you sooo much!! 

Help others along their great journey.


(So I accidentally uploaded this video and I can’t get it off, so just ignore it:)


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