Standing Up, Not Shrinking Down. 

 Happy Tuesday! How have we been? Before we get started, think of an experience of when people stood up for what/who they believed in. Comment below!! 

    As I was studying the New Testament last night, something that one of the apostles did really amazed me.

In Acts 2, Peter and the apostles are being able to hear many different languages through the Holy Ghost. The apostles being so joyful, are talking about it. Being that the other men don’t understand what’s happening, they claim the apostles are “full of new wine.”(v. 13)

Instead of leaving the place where they are being mocked or “just ignoring them,” Peter stood up and bore a powerful testimony. He let the Spirit work through him. This testimony was so powerful, that the Holy Ghost was able to prick at their hearts and help them feel the spirit. The mocking men said to Peter and the apostles: “Men and brethren what should we do?” (v.38) 

This allowed a great teaching moment and the apostles were able to help show the men what they had been missing. All because Peter had the courage to not “just ignore them” and stand up for Christ.

We can use Peter’s method to help others along their great journey.

Favorite example of standing up? Comment below!



Have an idea? Comment Below!

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