6 Ways to Embrace the New Year

Hey Guys! Can you believe it’s a new year?! It’s gone by sooo fast. I know sticking to your resolutions can be hard, so I’ve created a list of 6 things you can do to start the new year with a bang. These are just some little things that don’t require a lot of time or money that can help you feel like it’s going to be a good year. (Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration with these projects!)

       1. Try a different handwriting! This might sound weird, but trying a new handwriting can make you feel different with out doing much. Look at Pinterest or YouTube to find some neat handwriting and put your spin on it.

       2.   Rearrange your bedroom. Move that furniture! It’s great to get a new flow into the room. New Year’s is always about change so why not change your room? You don’t even have to buy anything, just move your bed, dresser, or desk around! Create a space that feels different and new.

       3. Go through your stuff. While rearranging your room, why not go through your clothes and things to give away? This helps with organization and provides less stress when everything’s clean.

     4.   Take a self assessment. I think this is super important. Learn about yourself. Improve those weaknesses and praise the strengths. I really like the self assessment in Alma 5 of The Book of Mormon.

      5.    By a cute planner! What better way to plan out your year, than with a great planner? I’ll have a post next week about mine:).  

    6.   Try a new haircut. Start the year with looking snazzy. Always wanted to dye your hair purple? Do it. Show everyone the real you!

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