The New “The Fruit Thereof” and My NEW Way Of Blogging

   I’m sure you’ve noticed the new title and tag line and I hope you love it as much as I do! I’m changing things up for the NEW YEAR. I chose that name because We are all constantly on a great journey. And it’s hard but with Christ, we can travel this journey with a companion. We don’t have to be alone and we can receive divine help from Him to make important choices on our Journey. We will make mistakes. And He will help us through them.

Thank you all for being here for me and my journey! I appreciate the love and friendship that has been shared!

direction journey russell m nelson
Now to the 2nd part. I’ve decided I’m going to blog MY way. No special “must have” rules. 

Normally, I’m a rule follower to a T. But something changed… There are money making bloggers out there with certain posts like “Things You Should Never Do When Writing A Blog” or “How I Got 1,000 Page Views In One Day.” And though they have really great advice, sometimes I can’t do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love advice and will gladly listen and try it. Heck I search for helps on my blog all. the. time. But, if I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for me, I won’t do it. I can not stress over something that doesn’t work for me. It’s as simple as that.

 I am a human being. I make mistakes. And I realized when I “broke a rule,” by not posting everyday, not having a consistent schedule, or didn’t create the best pins, etc. I actually started to feel bad about myself. I felt like a bad blogger when my posts didn’t get 100 likes or followers. I realized that’s not okay.

Blogging isn’t just about the amount of followers or how many people read your blog. It’s about discovering things about yourself and helping maybe just one person with your words. Blogging is to help you. 

So what is this blog anyway? A Lifestyle Blog I have so many things I want to share with you that I can’t pick one!

So here is my pledge:  I, Eliza Jefferies, hereby pledge that I will do my BEST to provide great, fun content for my readers. I will NOT be discouraged when I don’t get as many readers or likes and I would want. I will NOT be consumed by the want to have a popular blog and to have many people read it. I will put my heart and soul into each post so anyone can feel loved and appreciated. I will accept myself when I get so caught up in life and fail to post in a week. If I fail to break this pledge once a while, I will get more organized and stop and breath to realize even that is okay. 

So goodbye to rules and welcome to my Journey. I have become quite more organized with my blog, so there will be more content.

-help others along their great journey-



  1. One of the hardest things as a blogger is staying true to who you are and not following the temptation to measure your self-worth based on the number of views or followers. It takes integrity to stay real and not try to adjust yourself to what you might think everyone else wants you to be. Self-improvement is great, as long as it’s directed by what God wants for you and not by what the world tries to demand. Enjoy your blogging!

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