#LighttheWorld Jesus Showed Humility to Others & Clothed the Naked.

Hi Y’all 11 days to Christmas!!! That kinda stresses me out😐

Dec 13- Jesus Showed Humility to Others and So Can You.

I am not really familiar with the word Humility and what it actually means so I decided to do some research so I could truly show someone that. A synonym for Humility is humbleness. How could I show someone humbleness? Certainly removing your pride and say something that is difficult. That’s what I did. I had copied off homework and I ignored everything and went with it. But as the day went on I realized I needed to overcome my pride and tell the truth. So I did. So what I got a 0. My conscience was clear. I could have not told him and justified my actions. But I didn’t. It was hard but I felt so better. I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Dec 14- Jesus Clothed the Naked and So Can You

I have a dozen clothes that I have over grown and don’t want so I will donate Goodwill!

~be the reason someone smiled today~



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