#LighttheWorld Helping Other’s See 🤓 and Worshipping My Father in Heaven

Hi y’all! Now there is a reason I didn’t post day #3 yesterday because I had an epiphany. 

The 3rd day of December, while commenting a quality in a friend that I noticed I realized. Dec 3rd shouldn’t be a check off. And most of this prompts shouldn’t be either. We should look for hidden qualities in everyone and tell them.

December 4th~ Jesus worshipped His father and so can you!

I bore my testimony of God and prayed with gratitude to Him! (We should constantly pray to Him!)

December 5th- Jesus Healed the sick and so can you!

~be the reason someone smiled today~



  1. I love your comment about the #lighttheworld challenge not being something we just check off. Day 2 made me think the same thing, and then Day 3 was like, “If you didn’t quite internalize that message, let me drive it home for you.” Keep up the beautiful work here! You are making a difference to people you may not even be aware of.

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