#LighttheWorld Days 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

Boy can you believe tomorrow is CHRISTMAS??!! This year has flown by! I hope you all have had a great year and will have a great Christmas.

Dec#20- Jesus Saw Potential in Others and So Can You

I really love this thought. To not be distracted by the flaws of people but  instead to have joy in the great potential of others. 

Dec#21- Jesus Forgave Others and So Can You

I am constantly working to forgive others. It is a thing I have to remind myself about. I even have to forgive myself . I don’t remember an exact person I needed to forgive but it is something to keep in mind.

Dec#22- Jesus Showed Gratitude and So Can You 

I have Heavenly Father a gratitude prayer. I didn’t ask for anything. I simply thanked him for all my blessings. It was hard not to ask but I felt really awesome afterwards.

Dec#23- Jesus Was a Peacemaker and So Can You

I went sledding all day yesterday and I didn’t fight about who got what sleds I kindly asked to switch turns and did not get upset.

Dec#24- Jesus Cared for His Loved Ones and So Can You

I finished wrapping and buying presents. I’m so excited to see what their reactions are!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

~be the reason someone smiled today~


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