#LighttheWorld Days 7,8,9&10

Boy! This will be a long post. I apologize for not blogging daily. Sometimes life throws you at the floor and you got to get back up!

Dec 7-Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You

–I fed the hungry for service. We babysat for the church for 3hours so the adults could go Christmas Shopping or just relax! It was really fun and I was glad to help!

-Dec 8- Jesus Prayed For Others and So Can You

–There was a guy in my class and we were taking an oral Spanish test. I think his nerves got to him because he froze up and looked so panicked. I felt so bad because I had felt that feeling just a bit ago. I really wanted to help him and because it was a test, I decided to pray for him. I was so worried and I prayed a lot to be an answer to HIS prayers.

Dec 9- Jesus Visited the Linley and So Can You.

— I didn’t visit the lonely, but I helped a family who needed me to watch their kids. I agreed and we had a lot of fun! It was also an answer to my prayers because I had prayed to earn some money for the holiday season.
Dec 10- I’m going to be honest. I didn’t do a lot on Saturday. I went Christmas shopping so I guess that was service because I was getting things to give to my family (new DIY post this week!!!). 

~be the reason someone smiled today~


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