Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts!!

I know this has been a long awaited post! This is a compilation of super easy gifts that I’ve tried. They are super cute and totally fun! I know this is close to Christmas , but they are super fast and easy:)

1. Pom-Pom Monagramed Pillow

I got this idea after looking at Pinterest for easy gifts. I decided it would be fun to glue pom poms in a fun shape. The great thing about this is that you can customize it however! This took me probably 20 minutes. It was so easy.

What you’ll need:


-Arrangement of pom poms

-glue gun


-plain pillow (got mine from Micheals)

  1. Cut out a shape of your choice out of felt.
  2. Hot glue pom poms in the shape of your felt or border the edges. 
  3. Hot glue the felt onto pillow

2. Quote on a  Canvas

This is super easy and it is really fun to make.
What you’ll need;

– whatever size canvas{mine is  (I got four for $18 at Target!)

-scrapbook paper

-acrylic paint

-Modge Podge

-{optional Sandpaper}

  1. Pick out your favorite quote or a quote that reminds you of the person you are giving it to. 
  2. Write out the quote on some stylish scrapbook paper {make sure to write with Pinterest worthy handwriting 😉} with a sharpie.
  3. For rustic edges, rip the scrapbook paper so it’s about the size of the canvas. You can cut it out too.
  4. Paint all the edges and some of the front canvas whatever color to make your paper POP!
  5. Modge Podge the paper to the canvas. You can use sand paper too to get rustic edges.

All you would do is modge podge and write a quote!

Iron on T-shirts

This is so much fun because you can create whatever you want on a T shirt. Inside joke? Favorite quote? Anything!

What you’ll need:

-transfer paper{I really liked the Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image}


  1. Go to and use their image gallery to make a design
  2. Load transfer paper into printer and print! The design should print backwards.
  3. Iron on to T shirt

There are more specific instructions in the packet of transfer paper.

~be the reason someone smiled today~


Have an idea? Comment Below!

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