Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!( I am sorry for not blogging, I am recovering from surgery) It’s 2017!! Can you believe it?! I hope your New Year’s Eve was fantastic. My wishes go to you and a great year . Only you can make it “your year.” I am recovering from my hip surgery that went really well. (Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!) I want to change my blog. I want to give it a new look. I want to have a different goal so please comment what you want to see! What do you enjoy the most? I have decided to make resolutions but also make a yearly  plan to follow them. What are your New Year Resolutions ? What are your plans? Do you have any worries or setbacks? Let’s Talk!!

~be the reason someone smiled today~ 



  1. Your crafts are super cool. I hope your recovery is going well! Praying for you to be back to normal ASAP. My New Year’s resolutions are to fix my relationships with my brother and mum, get back in shape, and get better grades. I’m going to practice patience with my brother and mum, focus harder in school, and push myself to at least run a mile everyday.

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    1. Thank you! I am going pretty well. Those are awesome resolutions! I am a runner and decided to have running being a part of my blog so stay tuned!


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