#Lighttheworld 25 Days of Christmas

It’s almost December! I am finishing up the #30daysofThankfulness challenge. It has been such a blessing to do this challenge and I hope you all loved it too! Thank you The Original Phoenix @Confessions of a Reborn Girl {Please go check her out! She is amazing!} for doing the challenge with me! 

For another slightly different challenge to get in the Christmas spirit, the LDS church has a #LighttheWorld advent calendar about what Christ did and how we can follow Him going on. It starts on Dec. 1 and it’s about following Christ, spreading joy and happiness to others. (More info here)Click this link here to watch a beautiful video more about it

 I have downloaded the actual advent calendar that goes through the 25 Days of Christmas. So I will put it down below for you guysto download! The advent calendar works like this: for example, Day 1 is “Jesus lifted others’ burdens and so you can.” So that day, I’d blog or instagram or tweet how I lifted someone’s burden today with the hashtag #LighttheWorld. On the calendar they have some suggestions too. This advent calendar is about following Christ’s example and finding the true meaning of Christmas. Want to Join me? Comment below! I want to hear how you helped another person.

***Just because the calendar and hashtag were started with the LDS Church doesn’t mean non-LDS people can’t join in! It is for everyone. To serve and be a little bit more Christlike this Christmas Season. If you have any questions, just go to www.mormon.org .*Also, don’t think this is a challenge to show how good of a saint you are. It’s to be an example of Christ and help people find ways to help others. It’s to be a beacon of light and to provide inspiration to others in what can be a very difficult time. You can help others gain insight and gain your own testimony through this calendar. People you help can be reached through your blog/social media. It is a tool to share love**


{Christmas diy gifts coming soon so stay tuned !}



Have an idea? Comment Below!

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