#30DaysofThankfulness Days 23,24,&25

How was your Thanksgiving? Comment Below. Any new traditions? Because family was here and we were busy having fun and catching up I totally forgot about the #30DaysofThankfulness challenge.😑{How embarrassing!} Anyways, I will make sure that the days listed are genuinely how I felt that day.

Day #23-Feeling- Because we drove down to Utah from Montana to meet the cousins, I had a range of emotions. Excitment, anxiety, nostalgia, and  tension. But doesn’t everyone have those feelings when meeting family? You want everything to go well and you want to look good. Either way, family is here to help us and provide love for us.

Day #24-Photo- We went and got family photos done!! Here is one of the inbetween shots with my cousins. I love them and are very greatful for them.

Day #25-Luxury- A luxury I am greatful to have is the luxury of relaxing. Some people are fighting for there lives and in constant pain and I was able to just relax. No stress. Finally a great long break.




Have an idea? Comment Below!

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