9 Ways to Be Totally in the Fall Season.

I love the fall, as you all know, and I’ve come up with a list to savor the fall and not let it fly by!

  1. By lotion, perfume, and candles. The smell of Fall is amazing and smelling like it is the best.
  2.  Have hot drinks. I love apple cider from the crock pot, and here is a double win, it makes your house smell amazing! Having hot drinks really just sets the mood. I’m not a fan of coffee though. 
  3. Layer Up! Dress like it’s fall. Go on Pinterest and make sure you look the part. Looking the part can actually make you feel the part.
  4. Sit outside. Go outside with a book, a blanket, and your warm hot cocoa and enjoy nature! It feels so refreshing.
  5. Watch a Halloween movie. Not those super scary horror movies but like Practical Magic or Hocus Pocus.
  6. Get some fall decor. Like pumpkins or something simple and put it in your room and your house!
  7. Roast Marshmallows. I know this is kinda more of a summer thing, but it’s totally fun and the fire warms you right up.
  8. Eat soup! Eating soup always reminds me of fall. With the contrasting cold outside, it hits the spot!
  9. Bake! When it’s not a hundred degrees outside,you can warm up your house and eat tasty treats.

    What’s your favorite thing about fall?




    Have an idea? Comment Below!

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