30 Days of Thankfulness

( I challenge bursh1 @Bursh Blog, TheOriginalPhineox @Confessions of a Reborn Girl Happiness Through My Eyes @Happiness Through My Eyes for the same challenge!) I know it’s not the first of November, but let’s pretend! Let’s do the 30 Days of Thankfulness Photo Challenge!

I will take a picture everyday for this challenge with #30daysofthankfulness. Since it’s the 8th, I will do 1-8 Right now!

#1:My beautiful Mother.

#2: Rowdy!

#3: this awesome fort my cousins made!

#4:Pop-corn! Duh!

#5:The temple!


#7:Suncrisp Apple Harvest and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (That bottle shooteslotion like whipped cream!!!)

#8:Cafe Rio!! Who can say no to those burritos?!

Challenge your friends with 






Have an idea? Comment Below!

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