Making the Sacrament More Sacred

We’ve all been there. Where Sacrement flies by and you really don’t remember much. Well I have some tips to help you make the Sacrement more sacred.

  1. Read the lyrics of this song. His Hands by Kenneth Cope. It is a beautiful song and can help you really think about the Savior. I just have the lyrics in a small notebook that I read.
  2. Write down things from the talks. This can help you remember and physically make goals.
  3. Think of examples to be better and write them down. Sacrement gives us a chance to walk away from sin. Writing about what we are struggling and thinking of ways to fix it.
  4. Pray for revelation or answers. Once you have them, WRITE THEM DOWN. We have been invited to do so by the prophets.
  5. Read your baptism covenants.This has helped me understand why we renew our covenants. (Mosiah 18:7-11)
  6. Recall the last supper and ponder. What would you do if you were sitting with Christ? How would you react once you knew we go would betray Him?
  7. Read the story about the Leper Jesus healed. Replace the word leper with sinner and leparcy with sin.  (Mark 1:40-42)
  8. Disconnect from the world. Get away from electronics. Use hard copy scriptures. This can help you stay focus and not distracted.

    What do you do?

    -{Eliza }–



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