Man! I know it’s been forever! Blogging is hard… With school, activities , homework, and family taking up most of my time, I never have down time to blog. I know I’m making all the mistakes you aren’t supposed to do. I’m inconsistent , I don’t use social media, and sometimes my posts are really random and not that great. And it’s hard because I want a reader-blogger relationship, I want to help and inspire people. All these professional bloggers aar so good and everyone reads and shares and comes back to their website but it’s always hit and miss for me. The more I want to build, the more time it takes. Leaving me exhausted and having no life. Sometimes I don’t even want to blog! There I said it… But I don’t think that’s all bad. I think it’s alright that I’m a beginner and not all that great. It’s through mistakes and inconsistencies you learn and fix. I just have to accept that I’m not going to be popular over night. I need to just be fine with who I am. Life is craaazzzyyyy. And sometimes it’s okay if I don’t follow every rule for blogging. True readers will like what I post and come back. I am not made from a mold. I am different. I hope, though I am far from perfect, there is a little humor, inspirational, or learning in my posts. I hope by blog becomes a safe sanctuary where we can all be proud of differences we have.



      1. Really? Thanks a lot, well I just started blogging approximately 21 days ago and I haven’t done much on my blog because of everyday work, but am so grateful to hear that from you and I promise to try my best to make my blog more conducive and friendly, even also my posts….

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      2. Yeah, though I don’t usually have much time if not I would have had more than that…. I will try to adjust myself so that I can post more often, especially the ones am good at; inspirational /motivational posts, thanks once again….

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  1. Nice post from you, it’s one of my kind. Everything in life don’t usually come so easy, it’s a gradual process, so don’t worry, before you know it, everything will turn out to be great…

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