October General Conference 2016!

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Twice a year, the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints inspire us with their divine words. I wrote down alot of things that were said, so I’ll put my favorites here and kind of summarize them. you are welcome to take these and go to www.canva.com to make the quotes look Pinterest worthy! 


A few of my favorite quotes and why

  • “As we become more familiar with something, we take it for granted”-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I absolutely love this. This explains why we can get bored with the church. But we have the opportunity to choose not to! We can think of the feelings we had when we first heard truth or first truly understood certain things to re-kindle the basis of your testimony.

  • “If we loved the Savior more, would we suffer less?”- Elder Robert D. Hales

What a beautiful question. The Savior is waiting for us to turn to Him so He can make our burdens light.

  • “Prayer is essential to faith”-Elder Carol F. McConkie

I love that. Prayer helps us develop faith because we are talking to our Heavenly Father who we have to have faith on that he is there. 

  • “Our prayers become a lifeline of love and kindness”-Carol F.McConkie

That is so beautifully stated there is no further discussion.

  • Read the Book of Mormon pretending to be Joseph Smith. -Elder Craig C. Christensen

I love that idea! To put yourself in Jospeh Smith’s place and read as if you were translating the passage for the first time. Another great way to not takethe gospel for granted. 

  • When you pray, can you feel the heavens open? Do you feel the connection? -Elder Juan A. Uceda

Elder Uceda also asked if we were really praying or just  saying out prayers. What a different perspective to think about when we pray. Do we choose to feel the spirit and think about who we are talking to when we pray?

  • “He believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself”-Elder J. Devn Cornish

Heavenly Father is always on our side and trying to get us to see the good in what he’s done. He is trying to help us, but we sometimes push Him away. But he never stops knocking.

  • “Guilt has an important role”-Elder Neil L. Anderson

Guilt “can awaken us to change” and to fix things. But don’t let guilt consume you. Use it to change. That is it.


  • “Jesus is the mark “-Elder Quentin L. Cool

Do not look beyond the mark. Don’t place things, even good ones, before Christ. Don’t overwhelm yourself in the church when you should be focusing on the Lord.

  • Reading the Book of Mormon will enable us to “discover the infinit love and incomprehensible grace of God”-Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The blessings that come when we read the Book of Mormon are amazing. Do not strip yourself from those blessings. 

  • “Choose to receive His grace”-Elder D. Todd Christofferson

I absolutely love Elder Christofferson. He is an amazing man. I love this quote. If you decide you want God’s grace, he will give it openly to you.

  • “His plan provides the greatest potential for spiritual development and learning.”-Elder W. Mark Bassett

I love this. It puts everything in a perspective. Your trials, attitudes, and experiences.

  • “If we are AMBITIOUS for Chirst, we can focus on Him and feel joy even in the midst of them (trials).-Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita

This kind of hit home for me. I had gathered up some questions before conference started and one of them was “How can I be positive in the midst of trials?” no joke. So when I read that quote it just hit me. Heavenly Father answers our questions.

  • “With faith in the Lord, we will be guided and inspired”-Elder Dallin H. Oaks

What a beautiful reward in such a confusing world.


  • “Without His atoning sacrifice, all would be lost.”-President Thomas S. Monson

I love President Monson. His wisdom is always intune with the Lord. And who could hate that thumbs up he kept giving to everyone at the end? This is such a stunning statement. We need God.

  • “Saints can feel JOY under every circumstance.”President Russel M. Nelson

This provides so much comfort to me. That we came to earth to be happy and we can be in EVERY situation!

  • “What will I do this week to better prepare for the sacrement?”-Elder Peter F. Meurs

Elder Meurs gave great tips on how to better prepare.

  • “I need to repent daily so I can have the spirit to be with me.”-Sister Linda S. Reeves 

We can repent daily so we can have the best judgment all the time.

  • “The Savior is on board and can rebuke the storm.”-Elder Russel M. Ballard 

The Savior knows how much we can stand.

  • “True worship transforms us.”-Dean M. Davis

I think , at least for me, that I need to work on, true worship.


  • “Be doers of the word and not hearers only.”-Elder David A. Bednar

I really like this. Let’s do something then rather listen.

  • “Faith allows us to not focus on what others think, but what the Lord thinks.”-Elder Brian K. Ashton

Caring about what people think is difficult for me. And I really grateful for this quote. If my center focus is on the Lord, I have no need to worry.

  • “Gear down, power up, and serve.”-Elder Carol B. Cook

Way to be empowing. Straight to the point. 

  • DO NOT FORGET your divine heritage…. that you are a son or daughter of God.”-Elder Ronald A. Rasband

This was a beautiful talk. I love Elder Rasband.

  • “Jesus Christ will bind up the broken “-Elder Evan A. Schmutz 

We are all broken and I am glad I have a Savior to find and help me up.

  • “The gospel is about one lost sheep.”-Elder K. Brett Nattress

His talk was very touching. I love this quote because no matter what I am not inadequate enough to not be saved.

  • Real repentance includes faith.”-Elder G Renlund 

We have to have faith that we will be forgiven and that we are still loved. 

I hoped you enjoyed conference! Comment below your favorite General authorities or quote!




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