Behind the Blog Posts: My Puppy!!

I decided to get personal today. Not the super deep heart to heart, but the little things that make my life whole and today, that is my Border Collie-Lab mix, Rowdy. Rowdy is almost 2 years old! He is very michevious and naughty, but I love him anyways. Here are a few pictures of my little buddy:

ROWDY gets into everything!!
Rowdy with a few other dogs. (He is not behind the fence)
He has a bit of snow on his nose!
He caught one!
Look at those brown eyes!
Looks like he found something he’s allowed to chew!
Rowdy “fishes” for turtles (rocks)


I love him soo much and all the little quirky things he does! I hope this shows a little more behind the blog posts.

Who is your favorite furry friend? 🐶🐶Share!



Have an idea? Comment Below!

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