Being Myself Again

Wow, can I just say this has been a crazy 2 weeks? With back to school, homecoming, homework, sports, meets, being sick, and responsibilities I have had barely enough time to breath! Lately, because I have been so busy, I hadn’t felt myself be me….. I could place what it was, but I wasn’t my bubbly, happy self. And I hated it. I was moody, not fun, and grumpy ALL THE TIME! If you know me, that’s not who I am.

A couple days ago, I had a chat with a lovely lady. She saw that I was upset and just started talking to me about the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And i guess my spirit needed that. I needed someone to talk to my spirit about the thing I cherish most. We went for hot cocoa and spent a long time talking. It was so refreshing. That day, I felt better. I was myself again! It was a miracle. Truly a blessing from Heavenly Father.

Sometimes, when you are down just talk to someone about what you love most. Your eyes will fill with joy. You can have that human connection that everyone needs once in a while. I had not been myself for 2 weeks and an inspirational talk fixed me up! I would also suggest reading your patriarchal blessing. What sweet and magnificent revelation that is. I was so glad I received it before I started High school. It is inspiration BEYOND.

Know that our Father in Heaven LOVES YOU! Know matter what. He wants to help you so pray for guidance. Let him bless you. Don’t be angry because of the trials you have. They are there to make you grow so you can help others. He will not forsake you.


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