My Trip to St. George and LAS VEGAS!!

HELLO! Goodness gracious. I apologize for not blogging in a while, but I have been sooo busy traveling! Good thing, it has slowed down, so I can share with you my travels. Every year, we have a girl’s trip to St. George to watch a show on Tuacahn, which is an ampitheater. Last year, we watched Beauty and the Beast and it was wonderful!! This year we settled for Peter Pan, and it did not disapoint. I arrived in Salt Lake and we went to Leatherby’s and then the next day, we were headed to St. George, UT. After going to  the show, we decided that tomorrow, we would take a day trip to Vegas!! Why not?! St. George is only around 2 hrs away from Las Vegas. We shopped and stole great deals in Ross (If you want me to show you the great clothes I got, let me know in the comments!) Which is crazy, because everytime I go to Ross, it is super picked over and really hard to find good clothes. In Las Vegas, you could barely move a hanger in Ross! There were so many people…. Ok enough about Ross. We did go to the mall and got some t-shirts and then we were headed back to St. George! We did end up driving all the way home to Salt Lake that night:/

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