Happy Birthday, The Fruit Thereof!

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Today is my 1 year anniversary of being on WordPress!! Thanks to Tracey Dean at http://www.traceydean.co.uk, I have decided to write about my blog’s first birthday! I have had so much fun having a blog and it has created great insight for me {and hopefully for you too!} I decided to take you through my blog journey….

How it all got started…

My mom had a private blog {These Tiny Three} about my siblings and I when we were younger and I had toyed with the idea of starting my own… I asked my mom about it and she said that would be fine as long as I had my blog private. I made a BlogSpot account and created my first blog, The Life of a Non-Rev. It was about my travels because we have discounted prices for flights. I was looking at Pinterest, and I kept seeing why WordPress was a better option then BlogSpot, so on August 6th, 2015, I switched to WordPress and I loved it! My blog name was still back then, The Life of a Non-Rev and private. It was just a travel blog for quite a while.

Why the name changed…

I was actually on a flight {I have shared this with you before in { Hello world!} and was reading Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon when I came across verse 42 about the fruit thereof and how it was the sweet above all sweet and the pure of all pure I thought “How cute would that be if that was the name of a bakery?!” Then I started doodling and then I thought of that being the name for my blog! I was so excited and I, again, started to doodle.. And that’s how The Fruit Thereof was born.

What my goal was…

In About Me and My Blog I stated that I wanted this blog to “provide helpful content to the world to the world.” I wanted to be a fun, quirky, feel-good blog. I initially started posting things about traveling and LDS stuff, but then I quickly developed the love for baking, and had learned a lot about who I was in that year so I added school and things that I liked that didn’t have a specific category. I was still a private blogger, so only a few friends and family members could read it.

Why I became a public blog…

There is an online magazine called LDSteen Magazine and a friend sent me a link and told me I should ask if they would feature my blog. I wrote to them asking {just to see if they would} and they emailed shortly after and agreed! I was so excited and then realized when they asked me to send them my blog link, I couldn’t invite them through a private blog, so I asked my mom and she said as long as no one is creepy, that’s fine. I was ecstatic!! So I clicked the public button and sent the link to LDSteen Magazine. We emailed back and fourth and my blog will be featured in one of their magazines {yayyyyy!!}


After setting my blog into the world and made a Pinterest account and such, I started to get likes, comments and visits on my blog! I was so happy 🙂 I don’t get as much as traffic as other blogs do, but I have a great start. It’s slow going, but I’ll get to my desired goal one day. I am still learning on my own about my blog and what people like to read. I’m still trying to find a schedule {and stay on top of it} and still figuring out how to work WordPress to make my blog be the most functional. I love that I’m still learning and still receiving support. It’s crazy! This blog is far from perfect or professional, yet people still like to read my perspective and such. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for continuing my excitement to blog and me being able to hear what people think about my blog. For my blog’s birthday, let’s continue the support and continue the feedback. I value that soo much!



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