Lessons I learned Over My Fourth of July

July 4th was awesome! We went to Five Guys, dolled up my nails, swam at the pond all day and watched fireworks while listening to a symphony. Here are some pictures I took and lessons I learned.

  1. Always bring a jacket and blanket to any outside event. I was freezing outside once the sun went down and it was hard to enjoy the symphony.
  2. Do a background check. When you are going to a place/event you’ve never been to, read reviews on it! It’s nice to know what you are getting you and your family into.
  3. Before going to an event, delete  photos and things you don’t need on your phone. I had a horrible storage problem on my phone and I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wish. You can also bring a different camera.
  4. Bring snacks. Just in case! You never know what’s going to happen and it can save your evening. 
  5. In general, be prepared. Know the weather, the details of the event, get food, etc. If you aren’t prepared, it might cost you money and an enjoyable evening.
  6. Try to be positive. Your attitude can change the whole atmosphere of the night. Even when others are negative, try and point out the positive. It honestly works wonders.


How was your 4th? What did you do? Comment Below!





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