What is Death? And Why is It so Hard?

Now I know this is not really the kind of topic that I write about, but since the passing of a relatives, I have pondered on what it-death-really is. For people who don’t believe in a God, death is the end. The last time you will ever see that person. It is just the end of your complete existence. That’s why for a lot of people, death is terrifying. Unknown. It scares us humans not knowing something… We know it will happen someday. We don’t know when, where, why, and how. We don’t know what happens next after we are gone, at least for most of us. Any one who believes in a God knows that we will go somewhere after we die. If we are righteous, Heaven; evil? Well let’s just say downstairs. Right? For Latter-Day Saints, not exactly. We know a lot of what will happen after we die. Thanks to latter-day revelation, we know we will help finish the Lord’s work, reunite with relatives, serve others, until Judgement Day. We believe that there are 3 places you will end up. The Celestial Kingdom, a place of the rightoues where we will see our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Terrestrial Kingdom, where people of the less righteous will go. They will still be able to see Heavenly Father and Jesus, but not as often. Finally the Telestial Kingdom, the bottom kingdom.
Onto my first question, What is Death? Well there are two kinds. A physical death, which is the temporary separation between your body and your spirit. As Alma explains, “an everlasting death…where the plan of redemption could have no power…” {Alma 12:32} Spiritual death comes when we deliberately choose wrong and don’t repent. I understand why death is hard if we don’t believe in a God, but if we do and if we know we will see our loved ones again , my second question comes to play, why is it so hard?

I have had a few experiences with death and have seen the abuse it takes on people. The departure of a loved one is hard because they are no longer with you. But is that it? Have I answered my question as they are just not with you? We know they are in a better place so shouldn’t we be happy for them? I don’t think it is just missing the person…. But then what is it? Is it the memories that our brain keeps replaying so we are forced to remember their absence? Is it other people with their loved ones that make us feel jealous and sorry? I loved-well still love-who died in my family and maybe it’s the compassion and sense of family I had for that individual person and it’s difficult having the same compassion and their closeness with me at the present moment. Humans need interaction and feelings reciprocated, but if we knew they loved us how could that be the answer? When we love people, we want them to have and to be the very best possible. Well aren’t they? In Heaven? Is the reason death is so hard because of our brain and its reaction? Is it possible our brain selfish enough to cause us pain because that specific person is not with us? But if we know with all our might that they are happy, what is our head doing? It seems everyone is effected by death. We all cope in different ways… but if we know that person is happy and calm, why is death so hard? Is our brain ignoring what we know? What is the first response when they leave? Personally, I think it’s the initial shock that they are not on this earth, breathing, living, loving, with us. That initial shock could take days, months, years. We never forget the people who are gone, we never stop missing them, sometimes it gets easier, sometimes not. Look at it this way, when we are hurt, we bleed and over time we develop scars, it can be painful at first and we will always remember how we got the scar, but we start to live with the scar, get used to the deformity, but we never forget. Never forget how the scar got there. But ultimately, we will be healed by the ultimate healer. All pain, all deformity-gone. Peace and happiness will follow. No matter the toll death has on us, Christ died so we can live again. Don’t let death over take you. Christ didn’t suffer for death to consume us. He suffered and died so DEATH didn’t chain us. He set us free. Our chains of death are gone. We WILL be healed. And all he asks is for us to follow Him and love other people. That’s it. All that he has done and all he has suffered for is for us to be happy. That’s all he wants. So keep that in mind when life throws you in the storm.




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