A Perfect Way to Look at Easter

{please check out this amazing webpage that the church has provided that includes beautiful messages on Jesus Christ and has videos that bring tears to my eyes (happy tears) every time}
As Easter is tomorrow, I was trying to come up with some way I could share the gospel and I thought of why not just bear my testimony?  I haven’t yet, and I would love to share my witness of the true gospel.

I would like to start out as I know my Heavenly Father lives. People will say what they will about his aliveness, but I kn0w without a doubt that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me. He has blessed me tremendously and the feeling I get when I pray, and go through hard things, and when I choose the right, I feel his love and understanding. I also know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, lives and loves me very much. I know that the sacrifices that he made will never truly be empathized, but he chose to die and suffer for us anyways. He did all of that for us, sinners! It truly amazes me as I have reflected on his life and watched those Mormon Messages on Easter, how much he trusted his Father and all the persecution and suffering he went through voluntarily. The scriptures that have been through the mouth of prophets and through the word of God, are a foundation in my life. I have never received such direction and revelation when reading the scriptures. I know that the scriptures, prophets, and messages in the Book of Mormon and The Holy Bible are true. I don’t know what I would do without them. I am so, so grateful and blessed to know of the Plan of Salvation. No deaths have permanently stained me because I know I will see them again. I am also grateful and blessed to have a family and have knowledge of the family’s part in the Plan of Salvation. Heavenly Father loves us so much that he has placed us in certain groups of support and love. I know I would be lost without my precious family. And sometimes we take having a family for granted and start to be annoyed with the members in the family. But we need to look at the bigger picture of the use and family and the blessings they have provided us. I love mine so much and try and improve for them every day. I know that The Church of Latter-day Saints is the true and restored church. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and did not go through all that toil and suffering if it not be the right and true church. The gospel that the church teaches has provided me safety and a positive outlook on life. I am so thankful for our Savior who died on a cross for our sins. He overcame death so we might live again, and who could ask for a better gift?




  1. I’m am grateful for your testimony!!! Never quite sharing it. Share it always and forever we love you and are proud of how you trust in Heavenly Father!!

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