My Calling: The Binders

 I was called to be the Beehive Class President! And I absolutley LOVE it. I searched all over the internet and I couldn’t find hardly anything that was helpful, so I made some things to help me and my counslers and I want to share them with any of you who need help too.


First of all, we needed binders to keep all our important documents in, so, I made these cute binder covers:

Next, inside the binders, I made how to be a good president/1st cousnler/2nd counsler/secretary:

Then, I found this super cute infographic online:YW Infographic Class Presidency

Since we have been asked to work on  fellowshiping other girls, I put together a cute acrostic poem:  FELLOWSHIPING

We also included an attendance roll of the beehives (you can get those from your bishop), phone numbers, emails, and birthdays of the girls. (We just took notebook paper and asked them to write their info down.)

Then, we added a Presidency Meeting Adgenda and a Mutual Activity Planning Sheet. You can find tons on pinterest, but these are our favorite: class-agenda1

Finally, we added a survey that I created. This was a real eye opener on what the girls thought :Survey

Thank you all so much! Please give me suggestions that I can use to make my blog better. I hope this was a help!

Help others along their great journey.




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