Being YOU

Trust me, I know how hard school is. There are mean kids, opposing views, lame teachers, too many people, 20 tests to study for, sports, no time, homework, and friends. This is too much for a person, let alone an adolecent! But how do I stay happy and love who I am? Easy, BE YOURSELF! In school, heck, in this world, people will tell you how to act, think, look like, and then raise you to impossible standards. It stinks, I know, but if you follow these steps, you will forget about impressing others and start impressing yourself.

#1- STICK TO YOUR STANDARDS/VALUES/MORALS- Choose your standards! Write them down, memorize them, and LIVE by them. For example I chose not to date until I am at least 16 years old and no one will change that. I think it is smart and I don’t want to have to stress out with having a boyfriend. This is taking care of who you truly are inside and teaching you not to let people influence your actions.

#2-Do what YOU want to do- Sure it’s great to experience what others like to do, and that is OK as long as it is not compromising your standards/morals. Ex. If you really like that shirt and you think it looks great, but your friends think it’s lame BUY IT. If YOU like it go ahead and get yourself that dang shirt girl! Keep in mind to not become stuck up and i-do-what-i-want type of person, but be the that’s-not-really-my-thing, but if it is that important to you(and my morals are not being compromised) that is OK type of person.

#3- Participate in the things you love, without being forced. Love to swim? Join the swim team. Who cares who makes fun of you? You could be the next Micheal Phelps! Love to play the piano, but can’t afford lessons? YouTube the songs you want to learn. We live in a world where there is a video for everything!  Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do (unless it’s your parents. They know what they are talking about 🙂 trust me, I would know) As my sister, Jaidyn says “You do YOU! Don’t have any regrets.”

If you still have trouble, pray to your Heavenly Father and he will help you! (And if you aren’t religious or just don’t want to, just keep doing what you feel is right. (Also talk to your parents!! They’ve been there done that.) Or me 🙂 )

I hope you liked this post! Comment and tell me some of your tips. 🙂



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