7 Tips on Studying Scriptures

I don’t know about you, but studying the scriptures can be tough. I have figured out some tips that have helped me, so I am going to share those to help you.

TIP #1- Order the this Book of Mormon study guide. This girl is absolutely amazing! I know friends with this and all positive reviews from there!

TIP#2- Have a Book of Mormon journal. You can have it be a composition notebook or a super cute one. Does not matter.

TIP#3- SKETCH NOTES! Doodle, color code, anything you can think of. Here are some examples:d5b0fdc3a584274a3215bf651d0151e6ee89512b87f8657b8662f610867ac968dea1ba730d64a0396cf80d60a957fb07

TIP#4- Look up words you don’t know on GOOGLE. This can help you understand more in a “normal” way of speaking.

TIP#5- Create a Study Group to get different perspectives on the same verse.

TIP #6- PRAY!!! BEFORE AND AFTER. This will help you understand and keep the spirit throughout your studies.

TIP#7- Read scrips through the whole day! There are tons of apps and services you can sign up to get a daily scripture verse. Use  the technology you have.

HOPED THAT HELPED! Have study tips that work for you? Comment below.

Help others along their great journey.




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