Thanksgiving Tradion

I know you are reading the title and are thinking Seriously?! It’s not even October yet!! But, this is a super funny story that I think you would love to hear.

When my dad has us for Thanksgiving, we usually go to my grandparents side but we take a one day pit stop at Magic Mountain, an amusement park in California. Well we ride a bunch of rides and my dad’s ultimate favorite ride is Tatsu. It’s one of those rides that you are facing the ground and you feel like you’re flying. My dad had his phone in his pocket (I think you know where this is going) and he dropped it… We couldn’t find it anywhere; So we went to the lost and found at the end of the day and I kid you not we found it! It was shattered but it still worked. Now you are probably thinking “Ok that is great for your dad but what does that have to do with traditions?”  So let me tell you; EVERY THANKSGIVING my dad breaks his phone. One time he was playing football, another with Magic Mountain, the list goes on. I will keep you updated how he does it this year!

Unfortunately I got his gene for going through phones like socks and LAST YEAR on Thanksgiving I cracked my phone. I guess I will see how lucky I am.

My tip: Ehen buying a new phone, buy a glass screen protector. This could save you from buying a new phone. Insurance is also a great idea

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