Travel Outfits and Beauty Tips

I am back y’all! Now for today’s post, I decided to do travel outfits and beauty tips because when your in the airport all day you start to feel quite disgusting  BUT, these tips will help you get through the long day of the airport! So here we go:

#1: GO-TO OUTFIT: My go-to outfit is Leggings, a Tee shirt and my hair in a bun. Leggings are comfy to lounge all day in and your bun gets the hair out of your face

#2: MAKEUP: If you are the kind that wears makeup everyday, I would go light to none because you will get tired and your makeup will be runny and it’s always great to give your face a break once in a while.

#3: HAIR: Any style that will keep your hair out of your face. French Braid, BUN, Braid, Ponytail, just go to Pinterest and there are 1,000’s of hair styles 😉

#4:OUTFITS: Can I just say that flannels are absolutely amazing!! I recommend that with leggings or jeans. Here is a link to find some super cute clothes for cheap just cause I love ya 🙂

For cheap clothes click here.

#5 FEEL FRESH: Always keep some tooth paste and a tooth brush in your purse handy so when your teeth feel gross, go in the bathroom and brush. You can also buy some travel mouthwash… You will feel like a new person! Also take hand sanitizer and dry shampoo. You never know whose touched what and dry shampoo is just amazing.


Help others along their great journey.




  1. My go to outfit? Leggings or jeans, depends on what’s clean, with a flannel as well guess great minds think alike ;). If not a flannel than a long backed t-shirt. Just something loose and breathable.
    By the way! Love your blog!

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