My Birthday Experiances

I am back! 

    Today I am going to write about my birthday experience this year. My birthday is August 14th. Now I usually travel with my dad, but my mom and family decided since they can’t fly (parents divorced so my mom and her husband and his kids don’t get flight benefits) why not take it old school and drive!

   We went to Silverwood which is an amusement park near Coeur d’Alene, IDAHO. Our hotel was in Washington so the drive was 7 HOURS!! 7 hours of a 7 membered family stuffed into a 7 seated car. Let me tell you we were more squished together than a can of sardines. We slept most of the way and then I was on my phone, kindle, camera, and laptop. Yes I took all of those on the car ride. I seriously read for FIVE HOURS. I was so disoriented it was crazy! Finally we get to the hotel and I mean it was an OKAY hotel not as bad or good as you see in the movies. It was descent but we only had 2 beds in our room so that meant a couple would have to take the floor. We all didn’t mind as we were so excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow was my birthday and we were all going to the waterpark!

——————–AUGUST 14, 2015————————–

I woke up to dougnuts and a happy family. Now waking up to that is PRICELESS. I went to breakfast with Jeff, my stepdad and bonded a little. We opened some presents and then we were on the road again to Silverwood or Bolder Beach (that’s the water park). Man we had a ton of fun. We goofed off, tried all the slides, ate some dippin’ dots, laughed our heads off, and just had a great time. I can’t really explain it all but the lines were long, the rides were fun, the day was hot, the food was great, and the park was beautiful. It was really cool to see the pine trees mixed with the other flowers… You didn’t have to travel all the way to Cali to find a great waterpark. We were there for about 6-7 hours and when it started to close, we decided to call it quits.

——————–AUGUST 15, 2015—————————

Today was the day of Silverwood the amusement park!! We got there around 11:30 and stayed there till close. The rides Aftershock and Tremors were my favorite. My brothers did get lost for awhile, but we all had so much fun. Just being there made me happy. The park was crowded and we met people from all over. The lines weren’t too long, the food was amazing, some rides you thought you were going to die on, but others you could sleep on. We had laughs, we had screams, we had goals, and we had dreams. But all the same we had fun. Our little family needed the vacation. It was absolutely amazing.

—————-AUGUST 16, 2015——————————-

Today we drove home and it felt longer than the drive up. The scenery was gorgeous and we learned some history. We would blast the music and just sing our hearts out and then we would sleep. We got out twice to go pee and we made pretty good time. When we got home we all rested and reunited with our puppy.

Overall, I had a great birthday. Spending time with my family is one of my favourite things to do! TIP: MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR DEVICES ARE CHARGED BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE!!!!

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