Dinner in Denver

I am a Non-Rev, so I have the opportunity to travel, which we do, quite a bit. By the way, if you have no idea what a non-rev is, it is short name for a non-revenue passenger. Typically this refers to an airline employee, or family member of an airline employee, who is utilizing their travel benefits to fly on a standby basis at no cost, or at a substantially reduced cost. (thanks http://dictionary.sensagent.com/nonrev/en-en/ they explained it better than I would have)

As I was saying, my dad works for the airlines, but since we don’t have to pay, we are not guaranteed a seat. Now that you kind of get what a NON-REV is, let me tell you a fun little story… We had decided to go see my dad’s parents, my grandparents, in Las Vegas, NV. The only flight that was open was the flight to Denver, CO. Our plan was we would take the flight from Denver to Nevada no biggie right? WRONG! We had about one hour until our flight left, so, we decided to get some food. (When you are in the airport, you get hungry really fast. It’s like someone puts a spell on you, You will finish eating and 30 minutes later, you’re starving! At least in my experiences). After we ate, we checked the flights, and to our dismay, THEY WERE ALL FULL. Just like that! So we tried a last option of a later flight. again FULL! You would think that 2 huge family reunions just booked tickets! We didn’t get on so we decided to fly back home. Long story short, we flew all the way to Denver to go eat McDonald’s and flew back. I was pretty mad, but sometimes the airplane flights are not in anyone’s favor. TIP: Put little snacks in your bags when traveling so when your hunger sneaks up on you, you can have a nice snack in the airport or in the plane. 🙂 Well there you go! Comment below how I did or comment questions or what my next post should be! I had fun writing this and going down memory lane:)


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