My Adventure Flying to Hawaii


   Today’s post is pretty interesting. In October, we finally got the chance to fly to Hawaii. I was sooo excited because in the HUGE airplanes, they’ve got T.V’s, Music, electronic games etc. The real deal! I could just imagine the food and just relaxing… A whole 8 hours of relaxation… It was going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! I could feel it. So we get on the plane all excited and happy. And I look where the T.V’s should be. There was nothing.. since I was in denial, I just thought to myself “oh they must fold down or something.” When we were walking down the aisles, there were no T.V or small screens on the back of the seats. But I was too tired to care (we had to get up @ 5 AM) As we sat down, the pilot was talking over the intercom. Boy when he was done I was going to punch someone. He said and I quote “Good morning everyone so today blah blah “This is an expiremental plane. If you want any entertainment, please download the app.” 

   Here were the many problems with the app. First of all, I did not have my phone at that time and if I did, there was no place to charge it. Secondly, the app didn’t even work half the time. To make matters worse, there was no food on the plane. Usually it’s complimentary…. And if I wanted some, it was like 10.00 for a bag of M&M’s (A little bit of exaggeration there, but you get the point) My dad had brought food but snacks, Once that was gone, it was gone. If you took a nap, you wake up feeling like you would only have a couple hours left. WRONG! It would be maybe 20 minutes. Time moved as fast as a turtle. Wait, slower than a turtle. And we couldn’t just get up and walk around because on one side, we sat next to an old grandpa which we would feel bad if we made him get up, and on the other side, these techno whizzes had like 5 different devices. They either slept the whole way or played on their devices. They gave us dirty looks from the start. We were officially trapped. I had no way of escaping… After hours of sleeping, looking across the aisle to see the window, watching people eat, listening to the droning sound of the plane. We finally LANDED! I had never been so happy to stand up and walk. In my entire life. (so far) TIP: download music, games, and books a week in advance of your flight. You might get too busy the night before 🙂

QOTD( question of the day) : How am I doing? How can I improve?

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